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Editors's Note

Welcome to the demo issue. This issue will give you a good example of what you can expect every month when you subscribe to GammOnLine, your number one on-line backgammon magazine.

While the main content is that of a normal backgammon magazine, I plan to take advantage of the internet to make it as interactive as possible to get you, the reader, involved. Some of the ideas are:
1) An ongoing match between myself and the readers, with the reader's plays determined by their own vote. Naturally I will keep an running commentary on the match.
2) A monthly quiz, which allows the readers to submit their answers online.
3) A letters to the editor column, where I will attempt to answer all letters I receive. This may evolve into a bulletin board in the future.

Another advantage of an on-line magazine is basically unlimited space. We are not limited to what will fit into some fixed number of pages or the publishing costs get too great. While in a normal backgammon magazine you will be lucky to find an annotated game or two, here you will find a fully annotated match every issue. The annotation will be as long as necessary, since there are no space limitations. Also you will be able to get a graphical picture of all the candidate moves and compare them for every play, something which would be impractical for a normal backgammon magazine.

So, enjoy this demo issue, and I hope you choose to subscribe. I have kept the subscription cost as low as I reasonably could, in the hope of staying within more readers price range. Also, feel free to e-mail me at any ideas, criticisms, or anything else. My goal is for this to be your magazine, and for everybody to have an enjoyable time with this product.

Kit Woolsey

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